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SMS/ Email solution for the Community Sector.
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Welcome to Volunteer Alert

How will Volunteer Alert Help you?


  • Access your contacts anywhere - If you forget to add a contact or need to send a message and you’re out of the office - don’t worry - Volunteer Alert can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Fast upload/download of existing lists -including Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, reducing duplication of your data.
  • No accidental double ups - Even if the same person is in several lists, only one message to one mobile or email address will be sent.
  • Save money – you have a choice of SMS type (depending on the urgency of the message) giving you a range of cost effective options.


Why is Volunteer Alert different?

  • We have experience in delivering effective mobile communication solutions.
  • Our products work because we have asked you what you need; all of our products are driven through community consultation.
  • We are an Australian operator using Australian software.
  • We have a proven track record in product delivery, reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • No technical knowledge or programming is required on your behalf.
  • Community Central’s SMS service has no set-up charges and you simply pay for the SMS's that you use. We offer a range of payment options including Pay as You Go, or Monthly Bundle options.
  • Credits last for 6 months – by adding credit you can extend the life of your credits.


Our most common solutions are:

  • SMS Broadcast – Allowing organisations to send alerts to their volunteers/members or staff
  • SMS to Email – Providing organisations with a “backup” and a way to provide more information
  • Two-way messaging – Encouraging important information to be returned to the organisation in a cost effective way.




 Volunteer Alert is partly funded by the Queensland Government through Blueprint for the Bush in partnership with Community Central, FNQ Volunteers and My Community Directory.




Volunteer Alert is partly funded by the National Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) funding provided by the State and Federal government under the Community Resilience – Volunteer Alert Program Partnership Project in partnership with Volunteering North Queensland Inc. and FNQ Volunteers Inc.